Venice – A Time Capsule of a Long Gone Era

I traveled to Venice for the first time in my life and I very much fell in love with the city. Venice is one of those places in my heart where I visited… Continue reading

Osteria Ponte Pietra – Great Italian Restaurant of Verona

During my week in Italy, my favourite restaurant during this trip has to be Osteria Ponte Pietra in Verona. The restaurant is my favourite for so many reasons. First of all, the location… Continue reading

Verona – A City where Time Clashes

I love my Verona. For a small city, so much time is captured in one tiny place. The structures of the former Roman Empire are still visible and even useable in modern time… Continue reading

Starhotels Rosa Grand Milan

I stayed at the Starhotels Rosa Grand in Milan during my trip and I very much liked the hotel. Although it has a rating as a 4 star hotel. I felt that its… Continue reading

Me & Milan

I just came back from my trip to Italy. I haven’t blogged at all recently because of being busy with my graduation thesis but I decided to take a week off and I… Continue reading

Simply Stunning Shorts – Carven Spring Summer 2014

Most people who follow my blog would know that I love shorts. Now that the weather in Tokyo is much warmer, I have tested out the latest collection to my shorts by Carven,… Continue reading

Kimono and Flowers – Spring at Jindai Botanical Garden

I haven’t got the chance to blog recently due to being busy with my graduation thesis. I didn’t want this beautiful pleasant spring weather to be wasted away inside before the arrival of… Continue reading

Nojimazaki Lighthouse – The Most Southern Part of Chiba

My friends and I went on a road trip to Chiba and we visited Nojimazaki Lighthouse. This lighthouse sits on the most southern point of Chiba Prefecture where boats navigate out of Tokyo… Continue reading

Kyoto – Kimono

While in Kyoto, I fell in love with how many young people dressed up in their kimonos to celebrate the sakura season. Not may people in Tokyo do this but in Kyoto, this… Continue reading

Bye Bye Kyoto – Sakura Images around Town

Before I leave Kyoto today, I want to show the photographs from the area around to my ryokan (a Japanese style hotel) in Kyoto. These photographs are shot close to the Nanzenji, a… Continue reading

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