Keio Pachacuti Hat – Hat Culture

Once upon a time people used to wear hats all the time when they leave the house. It is too bad that to wear a hat is not really a fashion of the… Continue reading

Nikko Lemon, Cheesecake and Berries Shaved Ice – Best Shaved Ice in Tokyo

I don’t usually line up for restaurants in Tokyo but I couldn’t resist the most fabulous shaved ice place in Japan close by Yoyogi Park on a hot sumer day.  The place is… Continue reading

Itabashi Firework Festival – Summer Stars

I went to Itabashi firework festival for the first time during the weekend. This is very much another reason to why I have fallen in love with Japan so much. There are fantastic… Continue reading

Summer – Yacht and Tokyo Bay

Yesterday I went on a yacht called the Lady Crystal for my friend’s birthday at the Crystal Yacht Club in Tennozu Isle. It was so refreshing to get the sea breeze especially during… Continue reading

Marunouchi Bon Festival 2014 – Tradition in the Heart of Modern Tokyo

The summer in Tokyo can be extremely hot but the summer is great for traditional cultural festivals. Everyday there is a festival somewhere in the city and I very much had the greatest time… Continue reading

Nicolai Bergmann Nomu Cafe – Scandinavian Lunch among the Flowers

The other day my friend took me to Nicolai Bergmann’s Nomu cafe in Omotesando and I very much fell in love with this place. Nicolai Bergmann is a famous Danish florist known for… Continue reading

Yasaiyamei Roppongi Hills – Best ShabuShabu in Tokyo

Shabushabu is usually a wintry dish. However, I was craving for some warm food on a chilly, windy and rainy day like today so I went to eat shabushabu for dinner with a… Continue reading

Florence – Faith and Food

I am ending my series of blog on Italy with images from Florence. Italy is filled with churches and cathedrals but the Florence Cathedral is by far the grandest on my trip.  One… Continue reading

Sunset & Venice – Vermillion Sky over the Grotto Green Sea

Venice as a city is already stunning as it is. (Click here for previous blog on Venice) During sunset, this great city becomes even more beautiful like a diamond sparking underneath the sunlight.… Continue reading

Centurion Palace Venice – A Palazzo on the Grand Canal

In Venice, I was staying at the Centurion Palace Hotel, which is a 5 star small luxury hotel by the Sina Fine Italian Hotel Group. It is a newly renovated palazzo right next… Continue reading

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