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Flash loves Factotum – Now Available only at Siam Discovery

One of my most favourite Japanese brands for menswear is Factotum. Factotum is a menswear brand by Koji Udo and he is the master of transforming the aesthetic of Japan into modern wearable… Continue reading

Pearl & Masculinity – A Pearl Bracelet by Ravipa Jewelry

Yesterday, I got this beautiful pearl bracelet by a young Thai jewellery designer under the brand of Ravipa and it is just simply beautiful. When it comes to wearing pearl as an accessory… Continue reading

Confidence in a Colour – A Simple Fashion Tip

Sometime it is not easy to co-ordinate colours for your outfit. Usually each garment like a shirt might has a different colour from a chosen pair of trousers and one must take extra-precaution… Continue reading

Doodle Sweatshirt by Carven – Too Die for For

The other day I was shopping at the Carven store in Omotesando when I saw this doodle sweatshirt. I immediately grabbed it. It is so cute to the maximum, just a simple grey… Continue reading

Rei Kawakubo’s Collaboration with Louis Vuitton – Japanese Artistic Aesthetic for French Luxury

This year Louis Vuitton celebrates its iconic monogram by getting 6 of the biggest names in art, fashion and photography to design an iconic bag for Louis Vuitton and one of the designer… Continue reading

Oltana Skin-Meditation Time Management Essence for a Youthful Vibrant Skin

My friends keep asking me about the secret to my beautiful skin and the simple truth is that a beautiful skin requires a lot of attention. For me, prevention is always the best… Continue reading

Keio Pachacuti Hat – Hat Culture

Once upon a time people used to wear hats all the time when they leave the house. It is too bad that to wear a hat is not really a fashion of the… Continue reading

Simply Stunning Shorts – Carven Spring Summer 2014

Most people who follow my blog would know that I love shorts. Now that the weather in Tokyo is much warmer, I have tested out the latest collection to my shorts by Carven,… Continue reading

Kyoto – Kimono

While in Kyoto, I fell in love with how many young people dressed up in their kimonos to celebrate the sakura season. Not may people in Tokyo do this but in Kyoto, this… Continue reading

Spring with Marni Spring Summer 2014

To celebrate the arrival of spring in Tokyo, I went out in my favourite outfit for this season and it is entirely Marni. The jacket, the t-shirt, and the shorts are all the… Continue reading

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