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Revealed: My New Room in Bangkok

I have moved back for over a year now and I have been busy with the construction and the decoration of my new place. I am very glad to say that I have… Continue reading

Hallstatt – a Real life Fairytale Land Hidden Away in the Mountains of Austria

I haven’t written my blog in a very long time because I have been using most of my spare time on decorating my new house in Bangkok. I am hoping that it would… Continue reading

MonkTrees – Teak Trees Ordained as Monk in Phrae Thailand

The northern Thai province of Phrae is the heart of the Thai lumber industry where the city is famous for its exquisite teak furnitures. I visited Phrae over the weekend to search for… Continue reading

Yee Peng Festival of Thailand – Northern Lantern Light of Lanna

Every year in Thailand on the night of the full moon around the month of November, the Thai celebrates Loy Krathong, a festival to show gratitude to the goddess of the river who… Continue reading

Itabashi Firework Festival – Summer Stars

I went to Itabashi firework festival for the first time during the weekend. This is very much another reason to why I have fallen in love with Japan so much. There are fantastic… Continue reading

Summer – Yacht and Tokyo Bay

Yesterday I went on a yacht called the Lady Crystal for my friend’s birthday at the Crystal Yacht Club in Tennozu Isle. It was so refreshing to get the sea breeze especially during… Continue reading

Marunouchi Bon Festival 2014 – Tradition in the Heart of Modern Tokyo

The summer in Tokyo can be extremely hot but the summer is great for traditional cultural festivals. Everyday there is a festival somewhere in the city and I very much had the greatest time… Continue reading

Kimono and Flowers – Spring at Jindai Botanical Garden

I haven’t got the chance to blog recently due to being busy with my graduation thesis. I didn’t want this beautiful pleasant spring weather to be wasted away inside before the arrival of… Continue reading

Kyoto – Kimono

While in Kyoto, I fell in love with how many young people dressed up in their kimonos to celebrate the sakura season. Not may people in Tokyo do this but in Kyoto, this… Continue reading

Heian Shrine – A Palace and a Garden of the Orient

Heian Shrine seems more like a Chinese palace than a Japanese temple. This is because the shrine is named after the Heian period in Japanese history known for its long years of peace… Continue reading

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