Dungallan Country House – A Scottish Home to stay in Oban

For the summer this year, I decided to take my holiday up north all the way to Scotland. Even in Mid July, the weather was still mild and cool in the mid 10 degrees Celsius. The first place that I visited was Oban and the people at Glasgow airport actually informed me that Oban is the seafood capital of Scotland.

In Oban, I rented several rooms in a country house called Dungallan Country House. I would highly recommend the place. The place is owned by a British gentleman and his German wife. In my opinion,  it is definitely a home more than a hotel. Definitely a perfect experience for a stay in Scotland.

The country house is by no mean palatial like an aristocratic stately country estate but it has its charm, with its tower and the view overlooking the city of Oban and the sea that made it so infamous for its seafood. The house is traditionally decorated like what a traditional British home should be, making the experience of the stay very genuine. The owner also has a cute big fat dog that greeted us when we entered this establishment.

Apart from the excellent traditional ambiance, the additional services at Dungallan Country House was also great. At night, the owner of the house opened up his bar for his guests. There were so many options of drinks and he recommended me a very superb glass of single malt Scotch whisky. In the morning, breakfast when is served, the guest actually has several options with a Scottish touch to choose from, for example grilled kippers which I had for breakfast.

If anyone has the intention to visit Oban, I would definitely recommend Dungallan Country House, a very genuinely charming and intimate place to stay in Oban, Scotland.

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