Flash loves Factotum – Now Available only at Siam Discovery

One of my most favourite Japanese brands for menswear is Factotum. Factotum is a menswear brand by Koji Udo and he is the master of transforming the aesthetic of Japan into modern wearable fashion for men. In his clothes, you can see essences of Japan from the indigo dying technique to the embroidery with very avant-garde silhouette. Factotum clothes are oriental, ethnic and modern.

Moving back to Thailand over a year ago, I was so thrilled to hear that Factotum is now available for purchase in Bangkok. Factotum is an Absolute Siam product of Siam Discovery meaning that you can only get this brand at Siam Discovery. At Siam Discovery, there is a full range of factotum garments and I was able to get the 2 tops and 1 pair of shorts, all are the signature indigo garments of the brand.

One of the two tops is an oversized t-shirt with an exquisite embroidery of flowers on the chest and shoulders. Another the top is an indigo dyed kimono inspired shirt. It is actually one layer but it looks like the person is wear 2 layers, absolutely perfect for the tropical climate of Thailand. The pair of shorts is just a little bit longer than the knees, giving it a very playful yet more sophisticated silhouette and I love the black ribbon details on the fabric.

Factotum very much represents my ideals and values. Love love love it.







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