Revealed: My New Room in Bangkok

I have moved back for over a year now and I have been busy with the construction and the decoration of my new place. I am very glad to say that I have finally moved in and my room in particular is about 90% to my liking. There are still some more things that I would like to get for the room but I am willing to be patient to get the best. Nevertheless, the over all pictures is how I have imagined it to be from the very beginning when I started this mega-project.

When people enter my room, the first thing they will see is a gigantic painting, bigger than an actual door, by an English artist known as Alice Kemp who is a friend of mine. I really do think that a painting is reflection of the artist soul and I absolutely love the aesthetic and the stroke of Alice. There is a mixture of toughest and softest with being young forever. This painting is called, “The Bunny Highway” and it has been specifically commissioned for my room. When people enter my room, like a road fork, people have to either go left or right. Left leads to my walk-in-closet. Hence, the Prada sign. While the right leads to my study and the bedroom. Thus there are bunny clouds among the sky because I sleep with a yellow bunny every night.



Next to the Bunny Highway painting is a black chair designed by Thai firm called Corner 43. Once I arrive home, I would always put my bag on this chair before heading into the walk-in-closet to get change. There is a clothes hanger by the Danish furniture brand Hay where I would hang my pyjamas and suits. Next to the clothes hanger is a vintage 1960’s valet stand that I have imported from Germany. I would every empty everything in my pockets on this stand and prepare the clothes I would wear the next day here.




As for my walk-in-closet, I could definitely say that this is my dream closet. It is U shaped closet with an white marble top island in the middle. I would put all my bags on the top shelves of the closet. For the clothes from left to right, I have sorted according to the categories of clothing: suits, blazers and jackets, winter coats, spring coats, shirts and trousers and the last section is t-shirts and shorts. All of my shoes are in the far back of the walk-in-closet. In the middle section, I would have decorative items to enhance the ambience of the room like perfume bottles by Hermes, silverware by Laos craftsman, a Thai gold benjarong pottery, a white horse bowl by the designer Jonathan Adler to put my accessories in, a Chanel snow globe and a metal container with a Swan on top that I bought from Nepal.






Instead of turning left to my walk-in-closet by heading right, people will be greeted by a giant LED unicorn lamp that can turn into the all the colours of the rainbow. The unicorn lamp was the very first ever project that I have supported on the crowdfunding website, This unicorn is worth every dollar spent on backing this project and it has been like one of the guardians to my room. In front of the unicorn is a digital photo frame that I actually won from a bingo game during my friend’s wedding after party in Japan.


Passing by the unicorn is my library: a book shelf over 3 meters long with my books and collection of things. In the middle, I have a print of the smiling flowers signed by Murakami Takashi himself. Marie Kondo, the famous Japanese room decorator once said that when it comes to designing your own personal space, it is always important to make sure that the things surrounding you will spark joy and bring you happiness once you get to see these things. For me, every time I look at this artwork I always feel better. In front of the bookshelf, I have a leather sofa bed to indulge on my reading. There are 3 lamps over the sofa in gold, silver and bronze. My best friend has actually told me that a set of 3 is actually very good for fengshui. Finally, for some people books can be so boring so I have placed tiny cute little things that I have collected from all over the world to make this area livelier.











I actually do not work in the library but I have a tiny corner further away inside the room. Here I have a work desk with my macbook inside. I am actually sitting in front of this desk right at this moment and writing my blog. Next to the work desk is an Areca Palm tree. My best friend has also told me that this tree has been researched by NASA as one of the best natural air humidifiers and purifiers so I went to get one. It definitely added life and vibrance to my tiny working corner. It is also very low maintenance.


On top of my work desk,  I have pictures of my graduation party in Tokyo with a pair of Okinawa Shisa (guardian dogs) and 1895 ceramic pottery that I bought from an antique store in Amsterdam when I used to live there. I have three pictures above the desk. The left is a photo of me in a Hakama (traditional Japanese kimono) at Keio University on my graduation day. The middle painting is an oil painting of a girl called Angelina imported from Paris by a French painter called Frederic Belaudre. I really like how Frederic stroke his work. The right painting is actually a water colour painting that I have painted myself. The chair has a black tulip print on it to remind me of my undergraduate school years in Amsterdam.




Next to my bed I actually have a picture by the famous fat cat artist, Svetlana Petrova. She is a very famous for putting her fat cat (the fat cat is real and is her pet) into the works of famous painter. Here I have a fat cat inside a painting of Anthony van Dyck. In middle, there is a black traditional Japanese lacquerware with 2 bunnies. This was given to me back in the 90’s when I was still very little by a man who I loved and respected like my very own father. He used to take me to Japan and Europe with him and I cherished every moment. It is too bad though that he is no longer here in my life and this is a tiny reminder that he once existed in my life.


For my bed, I have decided to keep the walls very plain and empty. The bed in itself is a statement piece as it is four poster king size bed. It is like one of those beds you would expect to see in a fairytale. I have also decided to keep the colour of the bed sheets, pillow cases and duvet very plain yet sophisticated champagne colour. A bed is supposed to be the place where you rest and relax the most and a minimal, plain and calming colour would work best in my opinion. As for the bed lamps, I have chosen a modern design to contrast the grand traditional bed that I have.



This is just my bedroom alone. The other parts of the house is actually not finished yet. I am working very hard on that part and will blog about it very soon. Hugs*