Hallstatt – a Real life Fairytale Land Hidden Away in the Mountains of Austria

I haven’t written my blog in a very long time because I have been using most of my spare time on decorating my new house in Bangkok. I am hoping that it would be finished soon and I will reveal it to everyone on my blog as soon as I am satisfied with the outcome.

I went all the way to Munich Germany to get some things that I wanted for my new house. After all, the quality of German goods especially steel related products are great for the bathroom and the kitchen. As a result, I got the chance to visit Hallstatt in Austria and it was so stunningly beautiful that I had to takes photos and blog about it. From Munich, I had to drive for about 2 hours and 30 minutes into Austria to get to Hallstatt as it was definitely worth the effort.

Hallstatt is a Unesco World Heritage region and this area has been rich with culture and heritage since ancient time due to its “white gold” trade aka salt. Hallstatt takes pride as being the place with the world’s first salt mine and this made the people here rich from this natural resource. The city sits on a lake about 120 m deep between steep mountains making it the view here very spectacular naturally. Once the old wooden houses of Hallstatt are incorporated into this scenery, it creates a fairytale landscape you would see in pictures of fairytale  storybooks in reality, simply can enjoy this all day.

It would be grand if I could visit Hallstatt again during the summer so I can sail and swim in the lake of this picturesque region of the world.