Pearl & Masculinity – A Pearl Bracelet by Ravipa Jewelry

Yesterday, I got this beautiful pearl bracelet by a young Thai jewellery designer under the brand of Ravipa and it is just simply beautiful. When it comes to wearing pearl as an accessory to an outfit, people often perceive it as very feminine straight away. A string of pearl is often round and its colour is often white. These two features make it very feminine and bridal straight away. However, this doesn’t always have to be this way. I myself like pearls very much because of the its classical look and I want to show that men too can wear pearls.

So this blog, I have decided to style the photos in a very white and bridal way to prove that men and pearls can go together, even with the contrast between femininity and masculinity. This pearl bracelet by Ravipa has one big pearl with an arrow stuck on it and goes around to form a bracelet. It is simple but yet still fun to look at the same time. This quality is hard to find from other thai designers who are usually more flamboyant and exuberant.










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