MonkTrees – Teak Trees Ordained as Monk in Phrae Thailand

The northern Thai province of Phrae is the heart of the Thai lumber industry where the city is famous for its exquisite teak furnitures. I visited Phrae over the weekend to search for teak furnitures to decorate my new house. The main reasons for choosing teak furnitures are because of its rich wooden colour and its durability as a hard wood. Teak also has a resistance against termites. All of these reasons, make teak furnitures very luxurious in Thailand.

Although the people of Phrae cut down teak trees for commercial purposes they also have a connection with nature. They understand that their wealth is derived from these tall majestic trees so they replant them and try to make sure that the timber and furniture industry in the province of Phrae is sustainable. One of the ways to preserve and prevent deforestation is a festival to ordain teak trees with orange monk robes, making them monk trees.  Thai people have a respect for monks and the idea is that people will also respect the trees and don’t cut the trees down because of the monk orange robes. This has caused a section of the teak forest in Phrae to be spotted with orange, making it a spectacular sight for the eyes to witness.