Oltana Skin-Meditation Time Management Essence for a Youthful Vibrant Skin

My friends keep asking me about the secret to my beautiful skin and the simple truth is that a beautiful skin requires a lot of attention. For me, prevention is always the best way of ensuring flawless youthful skin so we have to take care of our skin from a very young age. Recently, I have been introduced to Oltana’s skin-meditation, time management essence.

Oltana was recently launched in Japan and the brand aims at finding a solution to the busy lifestyle of the current generation. People have less time and more things to do in one single day and this can be exhausting. An exhausted body can be reflected on the skin, so Oltana aims at being the alternative beauty product to reenergise and bring back vibrant youthfulness to the skin of people with little time.

Oltana’s time management essence is great because it simply manages time. Just apply in one simple quick step after washing your face, this products helps to maintain and protect the skin during the day and repair the skin at night. It has ingredients such artemis extract and asian rice extract, which help to condition skin and regulate the ageing process of our skin. Furthermore, this product is also great after a very exhausting day because it is also has organic aroma oil which helps to relax and calm the mind. After using it, I personally feel that the skin is much more firm and light and this makes it more relaxing. It has also ensured that the skin has the right amount of moisture. Finally, I know that we are not meant to judge a book by its cover but the packaging is very modern and avant-garde. Love it.

Oltana’s products can be bought on its official website or at Barneys New York in Japan.






For more information please go to: https://www.oltana.jp