Afternoon Tea – Four Seasons Tokyo

I have been at the Four Seasons in Tokyo several times for an afternoon tea and I very much think that this is one of the best places to have an afternoon tea, not just in Japan but in the world. The atmosphere at the hotel itself is not as spectacular as other luxury hotels in the industry even though the view of Tokyo station from the restaurant is lovely. Nevertheless, the food is top notch. For just only about 5,000 yen per person, an afternoon tea at the Four Seasons is packed with a delicious variety of goodness.

The food offered for an afternoon tea set at Four Seasons can be categorised into seasonal and signature items. The signature items include the wagyu hamburger with foie gras, truffle popcorn and scones. The truffle popcorn is to die for and I crave it every time I come here. Cinemas around the world should have popcorn like this. The scones are also absolutely spot on, with the right texture and richness. This time they offered earl grey scones and orange scones.

I very much love the seasonal delicacies because it means that an afternoon tea at the Four Seasons is never the same. This time there was white peach panna-cotta and this combination was just sensational in the mouth. Another thing that I loved was the mozzarella and apples. Another unusual combination that somehow went very well together. Finally, I adored that sardines with potato, the saltiness of the sardine with just right with the greasiness of the potatoes. There were many more seasonal goods in the set but the 3 mentioned were my favourite.

I really have to thank my friend Junya for introducing me to afternoon tea at the Four Seasons.









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