Nicolai Bergmann Nomu Cafe – Scandinavian Lunch among the Flowers

The other day my friend took me to Nicolai Bergmann’s Nomu cafe in Omotesando and I very much fell in love with this place. Nicolai Bergmann is a famous Danish florist known for his simplistic design and preserved flower boxes. Here at the Nomu cafe, people can eat among the flowers inside his store. Nomu is very special to me because it provides great quality sandwiches that Tokyo lacks. I used to live in Europe and this place very much reminded me of my time there.

The open face sandwich is everything I look for in a sandwich. You can choose 2 kinds of sandwiches out of 3 and I chose the chicken and smoked salmon. The taste is very deliciously and simplistically Scandinavian which focuses on the freshness of the ingredients. The bread underneath is superb and the salad on the side doesn’t feel like just eating lettuce like in other cafes. The other thing that I love is the Flower Power drink because it has elder flower scent in it as well and this again reminded me of when I visited Sweden a long time ago.

So I have found more places to love in Omotesando.









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