Osteria Ponte Pietra – Great Italian Restaurant of Verona

During my week in Italy, my favourite restaurant during this trip has to be Osteria Ponte Pietra in Verona. The restaurant is my favourite for so many reasons. First of all, the location is just so romantic. It is right by the river in Verona and just right next to the Ponte Pietra Bridge which has been built since the Roman era. People can see the restaurant from this bridge and it just so adorable with all the flowers hanging from the balcony. The interior is also beautiful wit the wallpaper, the hardwood floor and the mirrors.

As for food, it was everything that I was looking for. I visited many restaurants in Italy and I felt that traditional Italian places were delicious but they lacked the modernity in cooking while modern places lack the great taste of Italian cooking. Osteria Ponte Pietra has both of these aspects. The food still has a great Italian taste with all of the ingredients while it is refreshing new and modern. The presentation is also just flawless.

At Ponte Pietra, I tried out the slow cooked eggs with cream cheese and truffle, the ravioli with pine nuts, and the spaghetti with fish roe as starter. The main courses were duck breast, tune steak and lamb. My favourite has to be the 2 pasta dishes. The ravioli just tasted so amazing with the basil and pine nuts. It was a classical taste combination but it was simplistically modernly presented.  The spaghetti with fish roe was just brilliantly new. I live in Japan and you can get so many good pasta with fish roe but this one was just the best. It had the right crunchy texture that went very well with a perfectly cooked al-dente pasta. It was at the right saltiness that went superbly with the fattiness of the fish roe. It still somehow had an Italian taste while still being new. As for the main course, the tuna was perfectly cooked while duck breast went very well with a side of pickled vegetable.

I definitely recommend Osteria Ponte Pietra to anyone who visits Verona.
















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