Simply Stunning Shorts – Carven Spring Summer 2014

Most people who follow my blog would know that I love shorts. Now that the weather in Tokyo is much warmer, I have tested out the latest collection to my shorts by Carven, Spring Summer 2014.

The silhouette of this design is just exactly right. The pleats provide a cute flair to a simple pair of shorts. They also give an illusion and a focus on making the waist tinier. The hem sits just right above the knee, the perfect length of a decent pair of shorts. If you want it any shorter, please buy a pair of short shorts. Any longer would turn it into a 3/4 pants which kills the idea of showing off the legs. As for the fabric, the blue and white material reminds me of a modernised blue gingham. This provides a very cute country side but yet sophisticated feeling. This material is actually also very light and easy to walk to in while still holding the silhouette of the shorts very well. 

Because this pair Carven shorts is very much a statement piece for an outfit, I have combined it with just a white t-shirt by Acne, a pair of white socks with blue polka-diamonds and a pair of blue loafers by Louis Vuitton. This makes it a simple preppy look with a cute edge. Carven has more of these shorts in different colours and materials and I am really thinking of getting more.









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