Shimoda Tokyu Hotel – Spectacular Scenery of Izu Peninsula

Shimoda Tokyu Hotel provides a stunning view of the scenic Izu peninsula of Japan. I was staying in Shimoda because all of the hotels in the early cherry blossom areas of Izu were fully booked. Nevertheless I was very glad that I stayed at the Shimoda Tokyu Hotel.

This hotel was also so booked that I couldn’t even reserve a sea view room. Luckily, when I checked in at the hotel, they actually provided me with an upgrade to the sea view room. When I saw the view, I just wanted to give up on the cherry blossom expedition and stared into the view as long as I wanted. I have to be honest that the hotel needs renovation but I do have a soft spot for old Japanese hotels with breathtaking views. What makes the view so grand is the location of the hotel. It actually sits on top of a headline, providing an even more aerial view of the landscape. This headline is actually right in the middle of a bay with sparkling clear blue water. Too bad that it was still too cold or else I would definitely jump into the water.

The service of the people working there was also excellent. Usually Japanese people are very shy they don’t like to chit chat and this can also be applicable to the hotel industry but the employees at the Shimoda Tokyu Hotel were very easy to talk to and this improved the service even further.

I am thinking of going back to Izu again this summer and I am definitely considering to stay at Shimoda Tokyu Hotel again.












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