A Thank You to Yoko Ishikura – My Professor and My Mentor

Over the past 1 and half year of my life at the Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University, I have worked under the SPACE project of Professor Yoko Ishikura. Yoko Ishikura comes from an illustrious academic background. With her impeccable English, she is the first ever woman to earn a DBA from Harvard University. She worked for McKinsey before becoming a professor at the business school of Hitotsubashi University. Then she tried to broaden her horizon by joining Keio University. She is also an active member of the World Economic Forum.

 She is known simply as Yoko Sensei to all the students under her project. It was not just her amazing credential that made me joined her project. She was actually one of the professors that interviewed me before I got accepted into Keio University and I immediately knew that I wanted to learn more from her. Yoko sensei is a great source of inspiration. She doesn’t dictate but she guides her students.  She and her students work together on the same level and this allows us to learn from one another more effectively. This also makes her a very post-modern educator. Despite being at the retirement age, she doesn’t give up on learning new things. She moves with the changing world. Thus making her a symbol of perseverance in this highly volatile fast changing world. Her blunt honesty and vast knowledge of the world’s social issues go in hand with her impeccable ability to speak in public. She is amazing at capturing people’s attention with her speeches. I simply wish that I can speak as well as her. I was very fortunate to have been counselled by her and she has made my experience of living in Tokyo even more delightful.

With my deepest gratitude I dedicate this blog to my professor and my mentor, Yoko Ishikura.

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