Lake Kawaguchi’s Music Forest Museum – Switzerland in Japan

Music Forest Museum at Lake Kawaguchi close by Mt. Fuji is quite surreal. With the snow among the roof of its European style buildings, this place feels like a city in Switzerland right in the heart of Japan. Instead of the infamous Matterhorn of the Swiss Alps as the backdrop, this place has Mt. Fuji to go with it.

I actually find it difficult to explain the entire purpose of this place. The main attraction is a giant hall that could easily be used to shoot a scene of a ball of a periodic European drama and in the back of this hall is a giant automated organ that one might be able to find the in low countries. The museum also has wind chimes around its garden and a music fountain. Apart from all of these musical attractions, there is a very big tall glittery sparkly tree. It is practically impossible to miss this tree. I wonder what would it look like to have hundreds of these trees in one’s garden. Finally, like most touristy places, this place also has a restaurant and a gift shop.

It is a strange place but I definitely recommend to visit for it is quite lovely to chill there.








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