Bar Zingaro – Murakami Takashi’s Hidden Place in Nakano Tokyo

Bar Zingaro is a cafe/bar owned by the world renowned Japanese artist, Murakami Takashi. Marakami Takashi is one of the main reasons that made me fall in love with Japanese culture. For those who is unfamiliar with his works, he is probably most famous for his collaboration with Louis Vuitton such as the multicolour monogram, the sakura and the cherry monogram, and the bag I used in this blog is also a Murakami Takashi’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton. In a more artistic scene, Murakami Takashi is one of the leaders of the postmodern art movement known as Superflat.

Bar Zingaro is hidden away in Nakano Tokyo.  Nakano is considered to be a smaller Akihabara of Tokyo for it is packed with stores of Japanese pop culture goods. To get to Bar Zingaro, simply walk straight from the north exit of Nakano station and head into the shopping street and go inside the Nakano Broadway building. Once inside the building use the stairs not the escalator to the second floor and Bar Zingaro will be there.

People should check out Bar Zingaro for the place has a good ambiance, good drinks and good people. You can very much chill on the couches with the smiling flowers of Murakami Takashi’s as a backdrop with a cup of properly brewed coffee which can be hard to find in Tokyo. The alcoholic beverages are also great for instance I had the chocolate bourbon shake last night. During the weekend, the place closes at 11 in the evening, so come along from a few drinks before you head home or head out for more partying. The people working there are also great to talk to if you feel like a chat.

Bar Zingaro also has live music now and then. Last night, Sachi M and Kyo AK were performing there. Sachi M’s voice is angelically stunning. I have  actually made a documentary with Sachi M before. (Click here to see the documentary that I have directed featuring Sachi M) As for Kyo AK, he like this new age postmodern music guru to me and one should definitely listen to his new song. (Click here to listen to his song Washed Away)

There are always cool hidden places to find in Tokyo such as Bar Zingaro and this is why I love this city so much.














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