Suzurankaban – Leather Atelier in the Heart of Sapporo Hokkaido

In the heart of Sapporo, among the heavy thick deep snow, is a hidden atelier specialising in leather bags called Suzurankaban.  Suzuran means the lily of the valley for the owner was born on the 1st of May. This is of course May Day and French people give out the lily of the valleys on this very day, a tradition started by the royal court of King Charles IX.

I have always been a fan of traditionally hand crafted products. Therefore I always search for local goods everywhere I visit. Hokkaido itself is known for its dairy farm and ranches. So in my opinion, leather should be in abundance in this region of the world.

The thing I love the most about Suzurankaban is that the shop is not the atelier but the atelier is the shop. As one enters into the building, the first thing to witness is the grand working table and all the tools used for making leather bags. This makes the main focus to be on the actual craftsmanship and not the product. I feel that great care and heart have been put into the craftsmanship and I adore this aspect of the atelier.

At the back of the store lies the shelf with all the already made goods. The products range from bags to small accessories. I actually really love the small leather book cover but it is too bad that I can not read Japanese books yet for the cover is made for the Japanese book size. I might not get the book cover but I did get 3 small tote bags. Usually cotton canvas bags always come in a rectangular form with two handles. Suzuran’s canvas bag is very unique for there is only one leather handle and once the bag is filled up, it looks like a basket. This is just cuteness to the max and a great attention to detail.

People can also order leather goods from Suzurankaban. Just simply choose the model that one desires and the colour of the leather and this wish will be granted.












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