Niseko Crab Dining Kanon – The Place to eat at Niseko Grand Hirafu

When people go to Hokkaido, they often think about the great seafood. Even in the mountains of the ski resort area of Grand Hirafu Niseko, one can find a great place to dine for Hokkaido’s notorious crabs.

Niseko Crab Dining Kanon sits right in the heart of the Hirafu village and it is the only place in town that focuses it entire menu on crabs. Here you can either order a 2 course crab dinner for 5000 yen per person or a 3 course crab meal for 6000 yen per person. As a lover of seafood, I of course chose the 3 course meal.

The first crab dish was crab in a form of jelly as a appetiser. We actually got 3 kinds of appetisers but all I wanted to eat was the jelly in the middle. The taste was unique and quite refreshing from the usual way of cooking crabs. After the jelly, came the crab hotpot and the boiled harry crabs at the same time. As I waited for the hotpot to boil, I delighted yourself with freshness of the harry crabs with a touch of Japanese vinegar soy sauce. Then the warm soup of the crab hotpot was just divine on a snowy day in Hokkaido, after the harry crab as a cold dish. The main point of getting the 3 course meal was to eat the grilled Japanese king crab leg. It was definitely a must not miss for the texture was marvellous. The final crab dish a crab gratin inside a crab shell with macaroni and this was also a nice change from the usual Japanese seafood.

I definitely ate way too much on that day and I highly recommend Niseko Crab Dining Kanon if you are staying in Hirafu.








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