a Beautiful Brooch from a Beautiful Friend

I don’t usually ask for anything on my birthday apart from time itself. I have been blessed with plenty of material things and all I want is time from my friends. Nevertheless, sometime a friend of yours surprises you with a late birthday present and this makes you know that you have such a beautiful friend.

She is beautiful because she knows me well. I usually have a pin or a brooch on the lapel of my coat or suit most of the time. Today it was like destiny for me to get this trumpet brooch as a present for I actually forgot to wear one on my lapel. It is this tiny attention to my personality that I very much cherish her for. Thank you so much for the lovely surprise.

The funny thing was that there was a hint beforehand but I was just totally clueless. My friend asked me to choose a kind of musical instrument from a list about a week before but I just thought that it was one of those personality questions.