Leather Gloves for Smartphone Users

I was pretty blown away when I found out that the gloves I bought could work with the screen of the smartphone. There were 2 reasons to buy this pair of gloves in the beginning. The first reason was the fact that I could not resist the sale of Italian leather gloves and also not to mention that the weather has been getting so cold lately. The second reason was the colours of the gloves. These colours are the same as one of my 3.1 Phillip Lim’s man bags. I always draw inspiration from the past and I love how women in the 1950’s wore gloves that usually matched the outfit. When I got home to take the tag off, I actually was surprised to read that it has been designed for the modern world of smartphones. There is no more need to take your gloves off, every time you need to message someone or pick up the phone. This pair of gloves is a simple link between the nostalgia of fashion and the modern world of technology. What a bargain and what a convenience?!