Siam Center – My Favourite Shopping for Thai Designers in Bangkok

Before heading back to Tokyo next week, I went to shop at Siam Center, one of my favourite shopping centres in Thailand. This department store recently finished its renovation this year and it is the place to visit if you want to see some local Thai fashion. Thai fashion itself is very exuberant and focuses highly on the aesthetic rather than the functionality of the clothes.

My favourite brands are Theatre, 27 Nov, Curated by Ek Thongpraset, Good Mixer and many more. I actually got this white shirt (the one on the mannequin next to me as well) from Good Mixer. I always believe that every man needs white shirts in his closets and the hardest thing to design in fashion is the white shirt itself. For this white shirt, I love how it is very oriental. It has no collar and it reminded me of shirts worn by Thai men a long time ago. I also love the two pockets detail which is very safari.

I also bought other clothes today and will show them very soon.