Mizucafe Harajuku – A Cafe focusing on Water

I tried out Mizucafe, a new cafe in Harajuku, the other day with a friend of mine. Mizucafe has an interesting concept because it focuses on high quality water. The cafe has done this by featuring food that has been cooked with a certain kind of water on its menu. For instance I had the tuna and avocado rice and the rice was steamed with alkaline water which has been rising in popularity lately. My friend got the omelette sandwich and the omelette was also cooked with alkaline water. Another funny thing was that my friend and I felt the need to finish the free water given inside the cafe as well since it was special.

The cafe is actually quite spacious for Harajuku so if you need a quick escape from the busy overcrowded streets of the area, you should definitely come here. This place is also like a mini spa because there is this hot bubbly fountain sink at the entrance where you can put your hands in to relax.








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