Louis Vuitton Beanie for the Upcoming Winter

Every winter there is always one accessory that I could not resist buying and this year it has to be this very unique beanie from Louis Vuitton. If you have read my previous blog, I was actually at the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Roppongi earlier this year and saw this very same hat on the catwalk. I have found the silhouette to be very avant-garde. This hat is basically a beanie but the silhouette has a reference to hats of the flappers during the 1920’s.

I actually wanted the black one but the store did not have it so I went with the maroon colour instead. I’m actually glad that I bought the maroon for it actually goes very well with my vintage Kenzo t-shirt.

When my friends saw me with this hat, they were like yep only Flash can pull off something like this. Do you think that you are bold enough for such a hat?