Pearls the Souvenir to get at Ise – Feels Like Daisy Buchanan

I felt like Daisy Buchanan from the Great Gatsby when I bought so many pearls from Ise, Mie Prefecture Japan. Japan is known for its local souvenirs at its tourist attractions. Ise’s souvenir has to be by far the best. This area of Japan is famous for its cultivation of pearls. This is also where the pearl jewellery brand Mikimoto started. The pearls in this area were so cheap that I couldn’t help myself from hoarding them back to Tokyo.

I bought a baroque pearls necklace with 4 different shades. I also bought two bracelets, the bigger one is decorated with silver while the smaller one is decorated with 18k gold. I have also bought two silver brooches decorated with pearls. One is a flower vase and the other one is a cat.

I also want to point out that pearls are usually considered for women only but if you do know how to wear pearls appropriately, any gender would look dazzling in them. The maharajas of India used to wear more pearls than Queen Mary.