Hoshidekan – Like staying at a traditional Japanese home in Ise

In Ise, I was staying at Hoshidekan, a traditional Japanese hotel. This is not a place to stay if you want international quality hotel services and splendid grandeur but it is a place to stay and imagine what life was like for Japanese people a long time ago.

Hoshidekan is just about 10 minutes walk from Iseshi station and it is a very old Japanese wooden house. When you enter, like all traditional Japanese houses you have take your shoes off immediately and put on slippers inside. The rooms are on the second floor while the bathrooms, the dining room and the living room are on the first floor, just like how a traditional home should be.

There are several wonderful things about this hotel. The people are very nice and it seems like the guests are more like family members rather than customers. Everything in the hotel is very old to get the real nostalgic experience. I felt like I was in old Japanese movies. The garden is so beautiful and it has a traditional Japanese contraption called the Suikinkutsu to make beautiful sounds in the garden.

The only thing I do not like about this hotel is the bathroom. First of all, there are only two Japanese baths to be shared between all the guests. Since it is a bath not a shower, people tend to take a longer time. The water pressure of the shower to clean yourself before getting into the bath is also so weak and not warm enough.  Although it is a very old establishment, they might as well improve the bathroom system.

This hotel is not too expensive and it makes you feel like you have traveled back in time.