Shooting a documentary at a traditional Japanese wind chime maker

Life in itself is journey and I have been very fortunate to get on so many journeys for my graduate school project. During the summer, I got to visit a furin maker in the outskirt of Tokyo and shoot a documentary for it. A furin is a traditional Japanese wind chime made from glass. I have edited this episode into five smaller parts to make it more convenient for people to view.

The fifth and final part was released today and I am quite happy with the results for I do not really have any experience in making a documentary. I also want to make documentaries younger so I have tried to make it feel like a semi-reality TV show.

Please check out the 5 parts here:

Part 1 – City Girl’s Journey to a Japanese Wind Chime Maker

Part 2 – City Girl’s Interview with a Japanese Wind Chime Maker

Part 3 – City Girl makes her own Wind Chime 

Part 4 – City Girl paints her own Wind Chime

Part 5 – City Girl and the Craftsmen