Chilling at Canal Cafe in Iidabashi

The weather has been so nice and I want to enjoy it as much as I can before it gets too cold in Tokyo. So today I  grabbed some light lunch and some fresh air at the Canal Cafe, one of my favourite cafés in Tokyo.

I have actually blogged about this place a year ago but it was during the night time. Therefore I also want to show how relaxing it can be during the day. I always love the water and the boat. There is always something so romantic about it.

It is also very relaxing when there are no waiters staring at you while you are eating. At the Canal Cafe you can just order some food, grab a tray and go to where you want to sit. The food might be on a tray but the quality is still good. Today I had some salami, ham and proscuitto with a Nicoise salad.





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