Studio Ghibli Museum

Before moving to Japan, I have always been a fan of Studio Ghibli and yesterday I finally visited the Ghilbi Museum in Mitaka Tokyo.

You can’t buy the ticket at the museum but you have to pre-purchase it  at Lawson convenient store. To get to the museum you have to take the JR Chuo line to Mitaka station and from there you can either take a bus or walk for about 15 minutes to the museum. When you think of visiting the real physical space of an animation studio, one might imagine a theme park like Disneyland but Ghibli museum is more like a beautiful mysterious house among the trees.

It was too bad that we were not allowed to take photos inside the museum so I only got the chance to take photos outside. There are famous characters around the place like Totoro and the Golem from Laputa Castle in the Sky but I was hoping for more characters and rooms from the animation to be alive in the real world. I was thinking about a bathroom like the bath house in Spirited Away or to sit in a room inside Howl’s moving castle with the fire demon. I guess I was dreaming too much.

At the museum you can also get to see a short 16 minutes movie inside. It is something that you can’t get to see outside the museum. Another great thing about the museum is its exhibition. You can really get to see the proper traditional way of how an animation is supposed to be made. You can get to see amazing hand drawn and hand painted scenes and also get to see the techniques on how to get these paintings to move.







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