Beatifully Braided – tiny things can be so grand

Sometime the most beautiful thing is about attention to the tiniest details. When I visited Hitachi Seaside Park to see red tiny shrubs, my friend thought that I was crazy to go all the way just to see red bushes. However from visiting such a park you can see that the tiniest things can be so grand as well.

This is very much applicable to the world of fashion. For the outfit of this trip,  I wanted to focus on two items. The first is the sweater from the Korean menswear brand Customellow and the second item is a bag from Hermes. (To see my previous fashion blog with a garment from Customellow click here)

These two items both have braided details. When I was in Seoul, I bought this Customellow sweater because I really like how it is just simple cut sweater with braided details on the arms. As for the Hermes bag, the straps of the bags are actually made of braided Hermes silk.

This is an example of how tiny attentions to details in fashion can be so beautiful.






Cashmere & Silk Scarf by Hermes – Sweater by Customellow – Bag by Hermes – Pants by H&M – Shoes by Mackintosh Philosophy