Tokyo Contemporary Art Museum – Tokujin Yoshioka Crystallize & Bunny Smash

For the long weekend, I was at the Tokyo Contemporary Art Museum for the first time to see the exhibition of Tokujin Yoshioka called Crystallize and another exhibition called Bunny Smash. Let just say that I had a terrific time there.



At the Bunny Smash exhibition, I had no idea what the overall concept of this exhibition was but it was quite fun. There are like jars and bottles with numbers on them for you to smell. Then you can write a note on a piece of paper to express what you think each bottle smells like. People’s comments are actually hilarious. There was also a room with a reflection from the water to see a different perspective. I also loved how they allowed photography in this exhibition.








The best part of the visit has to be the exhibition of Tokujin Yoshioka. I was first exposed to his work for the window of Hermes where a digital signage screen showed a girl blowing an Hermes silk scarf and then wind would come out to make the scarf move. His art itself is even more amazing than the window of Hermes.

At this exhibition you can take pictures in two rooms. Here you can see the rainbow church and the lighting is just so ethereal. In another room you can take pictures of all the straws piled up next to the Water Block which is a bench that creates a water-like ripple effect when light is shone through the bench. You really get amazed by the amazing power of light.



The area around the museum is also quite nice. There is a very park behind it with a very big bridge where pedestrians can also use as well.


Tokyo Contemporary Art Museum is definitely a must visit.