The perfect balance of chic and comfort for my day out in Kamakura

Even though I have already blogged about my trip to Kamakura, I also want to blog about my outfit for my trip to Kamakura as well. This outfit took me awhile to choose because when you have to shoot a documentary. You pretty much have to wear comfortable clothes due the responsibility of handling equipments and cameras but I of course will not compromise comfort for style. This was the major dilemma for me.

So I came up with this outfit. Long sleeve t-shirt by Cat’s Tsumori Chisato, there is actually a cat on my shirt, with a pair of short shorts by Gucci. I have always like to play with proportion and an easy way to do so is to wear a long sleeve t-shirt with shorts. Sometime long sleeve t-shirts also give classier yet casual look than just a normal t-shirt. I had to move around a lot so a pair of shorts was also a must for me.