Kamakura Hachimangu

I had to go to Kamakura, an hour away by train to the south from Tokyo, to shoot a documentary for my project today. Afterwards, I got a bit of time to visit the Hachimangu Shrine in Kamakura.

At this time, I didn’t want to take the photographs of the shrine per say but I wanted to show the essence of life in Japan. Today I saw a bride in a traditional Japanese attire and I adored her from the back. I also admired a very well dressed Japanese family visiting the shrine. I visited this temple at the  end of fall last year and there were no more lotus leaf to be seen but this time I got to see lotus leaves about to wither away as autumn dawns upon them.

For me these withering lotus leaves are a stark reminder that no matter what stage of life you are in, either about to get marry or raising a family, we too one day will wither away like these leaves. But as long as there is still wind breathing through our lungs, the thing that we should do is smile and live life to the maximum.