Obon de Gohan – A Healthy Option to a Japanese Set Meal

After a busy day at my university, I like to visit Musashi-kogi station on the way back home for a quick dinner. At this station there are so many nice restaurants to choose from. For me, the biggest dilemma when I am so busy and have to eat out all the time is how to make sure that I get to eat healthy food.

That is why I love Obon de Gohan. Obon de Gohan has many branches in the Tokyo area and it provides what seems like a very healthy Japanese home-cooked meal. This place is usually pack with girls who come for this healthier option.

When you order the food here, you have to order the main thing that you want to eat. In my case, it was the seasonal grilled fish, known as the Sanma, with sesame. But the meal here wasn’t just fish and rice but it also came with other small sides to go with it. The key to eating healthy is to eat your greens but another key to eating healthy is to make sure that you eat a variety of foods as well. A dinner here will ensure just that.

Eating like this, I don’t have to worry so much about my health when I have to quickly dine-out.

I know it is not healthy but If you have a sweet tooth you can also come here for dessert as well. There are parfaits and a variety of crepes available. In the picture, you can see crepe with maple syrup and butter.





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