Salt – Australian Culinary Cuisine in Tokyo

My friend invited me to lunch the other day, I was a bit confused when he told me that we were going to eat Australian food. I have spent 5 years of my life in Australia and I still have no clue what is Australian food. Australian food or not, Salt in Marounochi Tokyo is absolutely delicious.

Salt is part of an restaurant empire under the Australian chef, Luke Mangan. They have several restaurants around the world and in Tokyo, it is at the Shin-Marounochi Building right next to Tokyo station.

I love the ingredients used in the menu here. I started off the lunch with trout tartar as a starter. Japan might be rich with a variety of fish to dine upon but trout is quite uncommon in this part of world so I was more than thrilled to eat some trout here. My friend started his lunch with a salad with poached eggs, proscuitto and beet root puree. Beet root is also not so common in Japan so it was refreshing to see this unique shade of redish purple on the plate again.

The main dishes were also fantastic. I ordered the Iberico pork with cabbage. The pork was so well cooked, so tender in the mouth. The crusted herb on top was also interesting as well. My friend got the fish with risotto and I have to say from my experience that any food in a nice restaurant that comes with bubbles is usually scrumptious.






So if you want some well cooked, western food with uncommon ingredients, I definitely recommend Salt.

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