Wooyoungmi – The Best of Korean Menswear

Every time I am in a different country, I always try to shop from the best local designers and in Seoul, South Korea, the best of menswear has to be Wooyoungmi. I love Wooyoungmi for the sophistication that it gives to menswear. The materials used are exquisite while the silhouettes and the details give the clothes an extra edge.

Back in my hotel at the Park Hyatt Seoul, I just have to show you the outfit that I’ve bought. I was looking for clothes that I could use for evening and business/official occasions. So I had to buy this shirt and trousers. I really love the attention to details given to these two beautiful necessities to a man’s wardrobe.

Before I go into further details about the clothes that I bought, I want to tell you about my experience at Wooyoungmi store in Seoul and how every luxury brand and every designer should follow from it. I actually arrived 5 minutes before the store was about to close and my friend called the store for me if it was ok to come. They actually replied that they would wait for me and they did. It was not just one staff who waited but the entire store waited for me. It is noteworthy to mention that the store in Seoul has 5 floors so I was very impressed with this service.

After I bought 2 garments, they took me to the second floor and offer complimentary freshly brewed vanilla cappuccino. When they offered me this complimentary service, it was way beyond the closing time of the store. My friend and I pretty much got the entire store to ourselves and we definitely appreciated the little escape from busy Seoul.

Now about the clothes, they often said that a white shirt is hardest thing to design and Wooyoungmi has done an impeccable job with this one. Many designers have played with the collar before and I myself have white shirts with many kinds of interesting collars but I really like the artistic component of this one. Usually when you play with the collar, it can be too in your face but this collar is a little more discreet. I also really like how from a far you can vaguely see a shape of a heart. The cut of the cuffs is also to die for. A tiny detail such as this makes it even more avant-garde.

As for the trousers, I adore the pleats. Trousers with pleats can make men look like a grandfather. That is why younger men tend to wear trousers with no pleat but pleats can be pleasing if you have a very slim body as I do because it stops you from looking like a stick figure. The unique thing about the pleats of this trouser is that it is extra long and it has extra volume. Thus providing the simple trousers with a fashionable flair.

Finally the last thing that I appreciate from Wooyoungmi is the hangers. It looks extra good when you can hang the clothes with the hangers from the same brand. Usually when you buy clothes you don’t get the hanger unless it is a suit. This is applicable to most luxury brands so I definitely appreciated it when I got hangers for my shirt and trousers as well. I also love the shopping bag, it looks expensive because it is like a suit bag even though I did not buy any suit.










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