My Most Minimalistic Fashion Attempt in Seoul

I haven’t blogged about my fashion for quite sometime due to my frequent traveling, so I have decided to focus some of my blogs from my trip in Seoul, South Korea, on fashion.

In Seoul, the fashion is usually more about the tone down colours, avant-garde silhouette and the clean cut. So on my first day in Seoul before I started to shop there, I tried to adapt my outfit for this kind of fashion. Usually you won’t see me wearing a lot of black but this time I wore my black Dolce & Gabbana shorts with my black Hermes silk scarf. Then I still wanted just a bit of colour into my ensemble so I decided to go with my light green shirt by Patrik Ervell. I actually noticed that a lot of fashionable Korean men use a man clutch so I had to use my 3.1 Phillip Lim bag that I got from New York.

As much as I tried to adapt my fashion for the local scene, the Korean salaryman in the back was still staring at me like wt?? hahahahaha