Nami Island Korea – Winter Sonata

I haven’t blogged for several days because I was actually on a trip again and this time I was in South Korea for four days. I spent most of my time in Seoul but on the first day we went outside of Seoul to Nami Island, where you get to see the infamous picturesque sceneries from the hit Korean drama, Winter Sonata. 

This is probably the most famous spot where they shot the drama. You can see tree lined on two sides of the tiny road.


To get to Nami island, you must take a ferry. The ferry is pretty much packed with tourists from everywhere. Another thing to note is that Nami island, is actually inside the mountainous region of South Korea. The island is not by the sea but it is an island in the middle of the Bukhangang river.


 I have to say it would be so much more prettier during the peak of autumn.



This statue is a life size statue of the main couple from the drama Winter Sonata. Everyone has to take a photo with this statue. I have to be honest though that I went to this island without having seen the drama before.


Although I have never seen the drama before and the island might be packed with tourists but I still do think that the island is quite romantic. I would come here for a date during the middle of the beautiful red autumn.