Sexy at the Dead Sea Jordan

To visit the Dead Sea, is like to die and arrive at a paradise long forgotten to mankind. It might be called the Dead Sea because the sea can sustain no life but it is like heaven on earth. I would so visit it again in my lifetime. I was staying at the Movenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea in the Hasehemite Kingdom of Jordan and this is what the Dead Sea looks like there. (Click here to see my previous blog about it)

A lot of people have told me about how saltiness of the sea would irritate your skin but I didn’t experience that at all. It is not recommended to spend more than 20 minutes in the Dead Sea and I can really understand why. The sea is so saturated with salt that when you go in, you won’t sink no matter what you do. You also can’t do any of the strokes taught in your swimming lesson. But you don’t have to do any of those strokes to be worn out. Just the extra energy required to move around the highly saturated water can really make you exhausted. I had one of the best sleeps ever after swimming in the Dead Sea that day.

I went to the Dead Sea during the end of the Summer so it was still very hot during the day. This makes after sunrise and before sunset the best time to swim. The Dead Sea is actually slowly disappearing away and a visit is a must before this Arabian Shangri-la disappear.