Jaffa as in the Ancient Biblical City not the Orange

Jaffa or Old Jaffa is now a part of the Tel Aviv city. Everyone who wants some history and antiquity really need to visit Jaffa especially if they are staying in Tel Aviv. This is also why I have made a separate blog post for Jaffa rather than incorporating it with my post about Tel Aviv.  It is also noteworthy to mention that in the past, Jaffa was a great magnificent city on its own and even mentioned in the bible.


If you walk along the beach of Tel Aviv towards the south, you will see the magnificence of Jaffa .


You see the port for Jaffa was once a major port city in the region.



Then walk up from the port to the main section of the area. Here you can find old houses and alleyways.


Then you can walk up to the bell tower of St. Peter’s Church. Another famous about Jaffa is that it was mentioned in the bible by Solomon, Jonah and St. Peter.


The fountain might not be old as the ancient biblical city but it is just so adorable. Here you can see the 12 zodiacs.


Definitely a part you shouldn’t miss out when you are staying in Tel Aviv.