Jerusalem – A City of Antiquity and Pilgrims

When one thinks of Israel, the Holy City of Jerusalem is usually the first thing that comes to mind. It is the most contested real estate in the world and in history. Christians have fought for it during the Crusades and tension is still high today between the State of Israel and the Palestinian territories. But I want people to think of this city as a city not for dispute but a city for faith, a city of the believers and the city that is holy for many religions.

When you enter the ancient part of Jerusalem, you have to go through it walls. This wall is only 500 years old built by the Ottoman Empire.


The first thing you will see is the market. I want people to see that Jerusalem is a lively city despite the constant tension that the media likes to portray.



Jerusalem is separated into 4 quarters belonging to the Christians, the Armenian, the Jews and the Muslims.


The dome is built above the cave where Jesus was buried by the Romans. Architecturally bringing god to earth.


The Catholic section of the Christian Church.


I saw this Armenian boy with his mother. Little does he know about the place of worship in front of him. This place is actually built to pay respect for Armenians who died because of the genocide implemented by the Ottomans during World War One.


Being in Jerusalem, you also have to see the Dome of the Rock of the Muslim. You can really see it from the top.


It was too bad that I couldn’t get any closer beyond this point. Only muslims are allowed to enter into the compound of the Dome of the Rock.


Then you have to visit the Western Wall also known as the Wailing Wall of the Jews. Behind the Western Wall is the Dome of the Rock and the Muslim quarter. The Western Wall is the only main remnant left of a holy Jewish religious site. You can see a partition on the ground. The left is for the men and the right is for the women. When you get to the wall, you can put a tiny piece of rolled up paper into the wall and hope that your wish will be granted.


I love the outfits of Jewish women. It is very traditional but yet chic at the same time.