Rama VIII Bridge

I blogged about a must visit in Thailand is the Bank of Thailand and its Bangkhunprom Palace recently (click here to read) and if you are in the area you will get to see the Rama VIII bridge for sure.

It is my personal belief that every great city has a great bridge to go with it. London has its Tower Bridge, Tokyo has its Rainbow Bridge, Sydney has its Harbour Bridge, New York has its Brooklyn Bridge and Bangkok has the Rama VIII Bridge. Built in 2002, the name of the Bridge pays tribute to King Ananda Mahidol, the brother of the current King of Thailand, who passed way at very young age in a tragic accident. This bridge is also one of the world’s largest asymmetric cable-stayed bridges.

If you get the opportunity you should definitely cross the bridge from the Bank of Thailand and visit the pier to see the Bangkhunprom Palace from the other side of the river.