Bangkhunprom Palace – Bank of Thailand – A Must Visit in Bangkok

Every time a friend of mine asks me to recommend a place to visit in Bangkok, I will always tell them to go to the Bank of Thailand. This might be a strange for a recommendation but the Bank of Thailand is on the compound of the Bangkunprom Palace, an architectural beauty of Thailand and the former palace of the Paribatra, a cadet branch of the Thai Royal Family and descendants of King Chulalongkorn.

When Thailand turned into a constitutional monarchy in 1932 after a coup d’etat, Bangkunprom palace became government property when the main members of the Paribatra moved to Indonesia. The compound now belongs to the Bank of Thailand and the Palace is currently a museum, open to the public without any admission fee and a free audio guide.

Bangkunprom Palace was built in 1906. The architecture of the palace is a combination between Rococo, Baroque and the art nouveau aesthetic of the west with Thai architecture during the period of imperialism and colonisation.   To me it is one of the grandest palaces in this style of architecture.

The Palace also sits next to the Chao Praya River of Thailand. From the palace you can see the Rama VIII Bridge, another beauty of Bangkok. The area is just stunningly beautiful and this is why I always recommend the Bank of Thailand as a place for tourists to visit, a local resident’s advice to the world.