All Tropical Just for a Movie

I finally got  a lazy Sunday so I decided to just go see a movie today with my sister. Although I was indoor most of the time, I was feeling quite tropical chic today. To get this feeling, I used my vintage Moschino bucket bag. I really love this bag. For me it is one of a kind. You really can’t get a bag like this anymore. It was made in 1988. This makes it even just a tiny bit older than me. 1988 also meant that the bag was designed by the designer Moschino himself before his death in 1994. The shape actually goes very well with the popcorn bucket.

My outfit was pastel and earth tone but I also gave it an navy blue accent colour with the shoes and the belt. The shirt has the tropical Hibiscus in light yellow and blue.

Yeah so this was me today, tropical chic just for a movie on a lazy Sunday.