The Smokehouse Khao Yai

 I was at the Smoke House in Khao Yai and I basically turned into a glutton again. I don’t usually like pizza as a main meal but I have to say that this is probably one of the best pizzas in Thailand. They have a real pizza oven here, making the taste a lot more genuine.

Khao Yai is actually known for its ranches and dairy farms. Therefore the area surrounding the Smoke House provides key ingredients for its menu.


If people visit Khao Yai they won’t miss the Smoke House at all. It is this grey looking castle in the middle of the nowhere.


The outdoor seat at the back of the restaurant is just great to enjoy the nature. The central plain of Bangkok is so flat so it is a nice change to see some mountains.


We started the meal with some ham, proscuitto and salami with melons, olives, cheese, rockets and pickled cucumbers.


Then I had the duck breast salad.


A must eat here is the homemade sausages of the Smoke House.


Another popular dish is the spareribs with sauerkraut.


But for me the most delicious dish of all has to be the German Crispy Pork Knuckle also known as the schweinshaxe in the German language. It was so crispy while the meat was so tender and juicy. I’m usually not a very meaty person but this was just irresistible.


If you are a very meaty person and feels like a few hours drive to Khao Yai for some fresh air, I will definitely recommend the Smoke House.

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