Outfit for An Opera

Last night I had to go watch an opera. So I had to wear my formal evening attire. It can be so dull and boring when you have to dress up for a formal occasion and I have always tried my best to make my outfit livelier.

The first thing I always do is to have a tux with a pair of traditional Thai trousers. I have these trousers in so many colours.

A bow tie is also a must and I try to match the colour of the bow tie with something from my outfit. I chose my blue Ralph Lauren bow tie to go with my blue traditional Thai trousers and if you look carefully you can see that it has red whales on it. Lately I have been buying traditional bow ties where you have to tie it yourself. It looks so much more natural and soft because it is not so perfect.

I have always love animals motifs and my cufflinks from Paul Smith are also peacocks. Since my bow tie has red whales on it, I had to find something else red to go with it so I chose a ring with a heart shaped ruby.

This is my personal way for dressing out for an evening formal occasion.