Silk Scarf for a Simple Outfit

I just came back from Pak Chong and here is my fashion tip from the trip.

Thailand might be a country with a tropical climate but the weather up north from Bangkok can get a bit cooler especially at night. People can catch a cold very easily from such a fluctuation in temperature. One of the best ways to prevent is to wear a silk scarf. Silk is a very excellent fabric. It is a breathable fabric, allowing the neck not to get too hot and not to cold. It is also anti-baterial. These two aspects of silk keep the body healthy.

For men to wear a silk scarf, the outfit has to be simplistic. I just wore a white short sleeves shirt and a pair of simple blue trousers with my Gucci silk scarf. The scarf will give the simple outfit an elegant edge. Remember that white shirt is the key. Silk scarves usually have exotic prints and colours and you do not want to over do it. This makes the simple white shirt, the garment to go with a silk scarf.