4 Garcons – One of the It French Restaurants of Bangkok

I usually have a habit of going back to the same restaurants every time I come back to Bangkok for a holiday but this time I decided to try somewhere new and this new place is just fantastic. 4 Garcons is situated at the Oakwood Residence of Thonglor Soi 13. It was started by four men hence the name 4 Garcons who wanted to present french home cooking to Thailand.

First of all, the interior is just lovely and the menu is simply amazing. I love the walls, its surrealism and how it goes with the leather couches.


I love how the salad here is very simple just some mixed leaves and truffle dressing but the taste is divine. This is a proof that you want need to put so many things into your salad to make it delicious.


I also had the duck confit with lentil. I have to say as well that it is cooked to perfection. The skin is salty and crispy while the meat inside is still moist and tender. In other restaurants, duck confit usually comes with fries but here you also have the option of lentil which is a nice change in my opinion.


I also tried out the monkfish with mushroom sauce and it was just so nostalgic to me. The first time I tried out monkfish was in Scandinavia and I fell in love with this fish but you can’t really get it in Thailand so I was so happy to eat it again the other day.


Another menu that is also hard to get in Thailand is the raw beef tartar. If you are a meaty carnivore, this is a must for you.


The profiteroles at 4 Garcons is also a must try. It is so beautifully designed and if you look carefully it is actually shaped as a swan. You can really feel how everything is freshly made there and even the chocolate sauce at the bottom of the plate is heaven.



Another dessert that is also hard to get in Thailand is the Pavlova and at 4 Garcons they serve the Pavlova not with passion fruits but with berries and sherbet.


It was the right decision to try somewhere new. I highly recommend 4 Garcons and I will surely visit it again.

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